• Single color frosted in yellow, pink ,apple green or sky blue $3.00

  • Plain White with yellow, pink, apple green or sky blue dots $3.00

  • Tricolor frosted tubes with dots $7.50

  • Tricolor plain tubes with dots $7.00

  • Focal decorated with yellow, pink, apple green & sky blue  $6.50

  • 43 Bead Set $75


  • Egg Shaped decorated with dots & frosted $8.00




Solid Plain


With Bead Caps


Clear Decorated$22

Teal Etched




Pet Cross $15

This is my friend JoAnn - an authentic southern belle and her sweet dog Stinky.

When I started making beads some years ago, Joanne wanted me to make her a cross.  And another and another.  Then she had me make all her friends crosses.  When her church did a service for pets, Stinky needed a cross also - its the brown one on the left.

The cross Joanne is wearing in the picture is pure black but I make crosses in a variety of colors and styles. 


**Since crosses can be made in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and decorative finishes.  In addition, a cross can be framed with other beads and with a variety of findings. If you are interested in purchasing a cross, I will ask you to work with me so that I can understand what you have in mind.  Then I will send you photos of at least two or more crosses from which you can choose the one that pleases you the most. Email me for more information.