This is GRACIE - my very first grandchild.

When my daughter became pregnant, I could hardly contain my excitement and my joy. One of the things I did to celebrate my happiness was to make my self a "Grandma" bracelet.


The bracelet was made of hearts - symbols of the love I felt for the growing baby and her parents.  The hearts were blue and pink because we didn't know if the baby would be a boy or a girl.


I wore the bracelet every day until Gracie was born, and each time I looked at it I was reminded of the miracle that I was about to share in.


Christmas 2002, my daughter's last Christmas gift to me was a card containing a  note - "Arriving in June 2003" - and a sonogram!  She was pregnant again and I shouted in total  joy, hugged her and her husband, and then went to find my Grandma Bracelet which I wore again for the next six months.  That June they had a little boy named Benjamin.

This is BEN - with his sister Gracie.


This is the Grandma Bracelet.  $40.00.

I make them in Pink and Blue (shown here) or for Grandma's who know the sex of their Grandchild, in pink and white, or blue and white. 

They are made to a standard size of 7 1/2" unless you request a different length.  The catch is sterling silver.  If you prefer to make the bracelet yourself, you can buy the loose beads as shown on the Sweetheart page.