~  DUCKS ~

Yellow Duckies are priced below.  Mallards one of a kind.  If the one you are interested in is not available, another can be made. Mallard/Drakes are priced at $45 each.

Green Headed Barley

Rainbow Mallard

Green Billed Diving Mallard

Mini Duck Top $6.00  Baby Duck $7.50 Large Duck Bottom $8.50

(Vertical Holes/ Round)



Red Headed Drake

Halloween Duck Dangle $40
Canada Goose Sitting Duck $25

3 Duck Family $25

(Horizontal Holes  / Tabular)

Bubble Duck with Top Hat $40 Lesser Scaup Bubble Duck with 2 Babies $35
Mini Yellow Duckie Earrings $22 Red Winged Fritted Mallard Baby Duck Light Catcher $30
Red Headed Drake Red Winged Barley Mallard


Purple Mallard
Bubble Duck $25