My work area is an L shape.  To the left are drawers filled with powders, frits, foils, murrini, dichroic glass, etc. To the right are tools, stringers and cane.  The aluminum covered toilet paper roll is my arm rest.

I work on an old typewriter table covered with some metal. I clean it before I start working in the morning. 

The tables on the right used to be my childrens so they are low. They are also covered with sheet metal.  This is where I keep stringer tools, cane, twisties, coffee filters for cleaning glass, the phone, etc, etc. It is NEVER, EVER neat. 

I have a table in another areas of the basement that I use o clean beads and dip mandrels.  I find that florist foam is great for holding mandrels while they dry.  

After they dry the mandrels are sorted into jars which sit on the typewriter table that holds the torch.


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