Like most beadmakers, I spend many happy hours in my studio working at the torch.  I started with one tiny spot in my basement and little by little have expanded to fill the entire space.  I now have areas for making beads, cleaning beads, storing beads, turning beads into jewelry or ornaments, and displaying beads,  You can see my basement studio below.  The lady in red is me 35 years ago - a self portrait.  Now that I am a grandma and a beadmaker, I look a lot happier than I did in  the portrait.  Click here for more photos of my work area or scroll down to read more about glass storage, tools, beads charts, O2 Concentrator or Kiln/Controller and then take the TOUR at the bottom of the page.

GLASS STORAGE ... Right Brain/ Left Brain Wars

I was trained in science, computers, math, nursing ... all very left brained activities; all requiring a very ordered and orderly approach.  I am always trying  to arrange my studio, my glass, my tools, my beads, even my inspirations in systems that are totally logical and completely organized. I work under the delusion that you can take a left-brined methodical approach to creativity which is essentially a right brained activity.  I am probably going to drive myself crazy but  click here to see some of the peculiar storage  solutions that the left brain/right brain wars have produced. 

TOOLS: Can you have too many?

I always thought hardware stores were dull until I started to make beads.  I love tools.  I love to buy  new tools.  I love to turn non-tools into bead tools.  I am always seeking the perfect tool that will turn me into a master beadmaker.  Click here and I'll show you mine even if you don't show me yours. 



BEAD BOARDS: Cliff Notes and Cheat Sheets

When I first started making beads and was trying out all sorts of frits and enamels cane patterns, I decided that the only way I could remember anything at all was to make some charts for myself.  Click here to see some  examples.


When I first purchased my O2 concentrator, I was so happy with it that I wrote it an ODE.  Click here for more photos, an explanation of my setup, and to read "The Ode" - you wouldn't want to miss that! 



If you click here, you can see a close-up photo of my Paragon controller and a description of how I have it programmed for annealing.    It is a wonderful, reliable controller but if you are like me you may need some assistance to program it and if you can't get in touch with the vendor, maybe this will be of some help.


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