I store glass rods like slot of other beadmakers - in plastic pipe stacked in crates - transparent Moretti on the left and opaques on the right. 

Handmade stringer is sorted by color into glass tubes which are held in a Lazy Susan I found at a garage sale.  Scroll down to see the view from the top.


Twisties and  various types of cane are kept in small  jars on second hand turntables.   I find turntables useful because they increase what you can reach for while you are working.  I have wonderful friends who supply me with jars either by having babies or picking up jars from used room service trays left in hotel hallways.

I keep pixie dust in small muffin tins that fit in drawers next to my table.

Reduction Frit is also stored this way.


 Ice Cube trays are also wonderful for storing powders.  What is stored here is moretti frit in a variety of colors and sizes.

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