My kiln is called a Table Top Quartz Kiln and is made by HotGlass.  I purchased it from Sundance Art Glass.  It is a large kiln and I have been very happy with it except for the door - it came without one but Sundance sent me some fiber curtain material  which I sewed together and placed between the bricks to keep it in place.  This curtain keeps the heat in but has frayed badly over time.   Behind the kiln you can see my Paragon 100 Controller which has been very reliable.  There are more pictures below and a description of the controller program that I use and how I inputted it.  (Every controller is different so the program will probably only be helpful to those trying to get the Paragon running.)

In this photo of the kiln, the curtain is up.  The kiln has a very large opening and chamber so it is easy to insert large sculptural beads and it holds more beads than I can make in a session.  The metal lattice work is used for propping the mandrels so the beads don't touch the kiln or floor when I put them in.

The kiln's on a rolling cart so I can move it away from the wall when it is in use..  

This is a close-up of the Paragon controller.  Click here for an explanation of how I have it programmed it.  

Click here to display Controller Program

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