I purchased my 5L Healthdyne O2 concentrator several years ago and  love it. I love it so much that I wrote an ode to it.  (Click here if you want to read it).  If you want to purchase an O2 concentrator you can go to this website www.suncoastbeads.com I've heard good things about Paulette and she obviously has good taste in poetry!

The concentrator sits behind me so that I can see and adjust the flow rate.  If you look carefully the green O2 tube comes out of Lynx torch, snakes under my work table and then plugs into the concentrator.  The red propane tube goes in the opposite direction out to the propane tank which is outside.

Another close-up of the concentrator. You can see the green O2 tube plugged and the flow  meter on the right. I usually run it at  4.5 liters and use it with my Lynx torch with Moretti and Bullseye soft glasses.  It does not have enough power if you work with borosilicate glass or use a larger torch.

When I sit at my torch I am facing a sliding glass door - you can see it better in the next photo. If you look at the torch you can see the red and green tubing.  The green tubing snakes under the work tables and then plugs into the oxygen concentrator which is behind.  The red propane tubing  goes under the table, then under the carpet, then out the open door to the propane tank.



This is my view when I sit at my torch.  Not as beautiful as the one Corina looks at (check out her web journal at www.corinabeads.com ) but the sliding glass doors allow me to keep the propane tank outside. The propane line runs from the torch,  under the carpet and then out the open door.  It hooks onto the propane tank via a quick connect.  


When I am finished working I shut off the propane valves and bleed the tubing.  Then I  disconnect it via the QuickConnect, and pull the tubing inside.  Since the propane gauge is outside I cover  it with plastic kept in place with spring clamps.  It is a setup that I feel very safe using.  Click here for a few more details.

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