BEAD BOARDS: Cliff Notes & Sample Cards

In addition to the Pixie Dust and Enamel charts shown below, I've also charts for  different glass types (e.g., opalino, alabastro), for reduction frit and for more complex cane.  Not only has it helped me to remember how things look when they become or are attached to beads, they also forced me to practice making similar sized beads. What I still haven't figured, however, is what glue to use - I've tried rubber cement and a glue gun.  Neither keeps the beads in place permanently.   If you have any suggestions, PLEASE email me.


The Pixie Dust Chart shows each shade of Pixie Dust from a sampler selection on one or several colors of glass. I think I used white and glass close in color to the Pixie Dust itself. -  for example I used Silver Sparkle pixie dust on white as well as light, medium and dark gray glass.


A close up of some of the sample pixie dust sampler beads.  

I bought a sampler pack of Thompson enamels and covered a clear glass bead with each color.  The colors are so beautiful.


A close up of some of the Thompson enamel sample beads


Every time I made a leaf/vine cased stringer, I forgot what colors I used.  I started another sample board to remind myself what color cane resulted from varying opaques and a transparents.   Later I decided it was more fun to be surprised. Every once in a while my right brain wins out.

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